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In our Beauty Spot our promise is to pamper you and make you feel special in each visit! This is achieved by providing excellent quality services and listening to our clients. Making them special through our talents makes all of us who make up this team happy.

If for some reason we have not achieved this promise or you want to give us a suggestion or feedback, we want to hear from you, because there is always an opportunity to do better. We value who you choose us, your time and money.

We know that errors and misunderstandings can occur in a service business, so it is vital for us that you can communicate with confidence. Our goal is that each client who visits us lives the BEAUTY SPOT experience from start to finish 100% satisfied. And if we don't do it with excellence the first time, we would love for you to give us the opportunity to fix it and find a solution immediately.

We have service protocols, professional, trained and qualified collaborators in addition to working with the best brands.

Most of our services have a 100% guarantee within a period of time. The services included in our guarantee by area are:


Cut, color services and restructuring treatments (hair surgery or Keratin) - 7 days.


  • Nail extensions and Gel paint - 5 days
  • Manicure & Pedicure / Nail painting - 2 days.


  • Waxing with Thread, eyebrow or eyelash tint. Individual lashes - 2 days
  • Hair to Hair lashes, lash enhancement - 7 days

In the event of any service situation, please contact us in the following ways:

Approach any of our area leaders or the customer service area at checkout.

Mail: beautyspotbyjc@gmail.com  Beauty Call: 954-433-9202

  • Please understand that the guarantee of the service arrangements does not apply if you decide to completely change the look, also if another stylist from another beauty center altered the work done in our BEAUTY SPOT.
  • Given the nature of our services we do not make returns, money credit or gift certificates. In the event of any situation of dissatisfaction with the service, we correct them as agreed with the client.
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