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    What is the difference between Resin nails and Gel extensions?

    Both systems strengthen natural nails and allow the polish to last up to 15 days. The decision to use these systems will depend on the health of the natural nail. In more fragile nails or people who are going to undergo a process of this type for the first time, we suggest resin. This system, in addition to strengthening and protecting the nail, promotes the growth of the natural nail. With this system the nail is extended with a plastic tip and it is suggested to touch up every 15 days.

    Gel extension is a process with which the nail can be covered or extended either with a tip or with a mold. It is a more resistant system, with a more natural finish and can be retouched every two or three weeks depending on the care and natural growth. With the gel extension you can leave your nail unpainted or change color without leaving traces. It is recommended for people with more resistant nails, which are not brittle but who wish to have them coated for a longer duration of their nails.

    What is the difference between Gel Extension, Pregel Nails and Acrylic Nails?

    Gel extensions are made with a viscous gel product with a mold or by coating a plastic, they are quite resistant but flexible. Acrylic nails are made by mixing a liquid (monomer) and a powder, they can also be made with a mold or coating a plastic nail. They are the most resistant. Pregel nails are already pre-made gel nails and are placed from the base of the nail. They are very light and very natural. Gel and acrylic nails can be retouched every 15/21 days, pregel nails cannot since one of their properties is easy removal without leaving marks on natural nails.

    What are the ideal systems for people with brittle nails, very short or who will have a nail process for the first time?

    In more fragile nails or people who are going to undergo a process of this type for the first time, we suggest Resin, Gel & Acrylic and Nails in Pregel. These systems, in addition to strengthening and protecting the nail, promote the growth of the natural nail.

    Why is it necessary to file the nail surface to do artificial nail services?

    For nail coating or extension processes, always including gel paint, it is always necessary to gently file the nail surface to create porosity and adhere the product. Otherwise there may be upheavals and from there mold and then fungus can be generated by the entry of water, dust and debris. In our space we use special files and we work very carefully to take care of the health of the natural nail.

    What is the effect of eyebrow tinting?

    The effect of the brow tint gives an appearance of thicker, more definition and more abundance. It is important to emphasize that the dye stains the hair and not the skin. The first day you see residues on the skin but as the days go by, only the effect remains where there is hair. It is ideal for people with light or small hair. The product we use is special for tinting eyebrows and eyelashes and rarely causes allergies.

    In the first position it is possible that the duration is shorter, but as the dyeing is carried out, the hair gets used to it and the duration increases.

    How long does the eyebrow tint last?

    Eyebrow tinting can last up to two weeks with the correct care. This product is developed for cold climates. According to our experience, of more than four years performing the service, the duration can be up to 15 days depending on the care and type of skin. In oily, mature and more sweating skin, the duration may be shorter.

    What care does eyebrow tinting require?

    The first day do not wash the area or use makeup remover products in addition to avoiding sweating and the beach.

    What is the Lash-Lifting service about?

    Eyelash enhancement is a process that gives natural eyelashes curvature, achieving a semi-permanent mascara appearance, leaving a natural appearance, giving joy to the look. It is ideal for people with long but flat eyelashes. It lasts from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the care. It is advisable to avoid greasy make-up removers for a longer duration.

    Treatment is not recommended if you suffer from chronic dry eyes, allergies, conjunctivitis, or other eye infections.

    Results differ from person to person, as nothing is added to your lashes like extensions, but instead your lashes are lifted.
    For a more impressive finish you can add the EYELASH TINT to the process.

    What is microblading?

    Microblading is one of the most innovative semi-permanent makeup techniques, with which it is possible to restructure and design the eyebrows, creating an effect of more copious eyebrows by drawing fine lines similar to which looks more similar to eyebrow makeup, is much more compact and lasts longer, since it lasts from 2 to 4 years. It is most used to correct or fill in eyebrows without enough natural hair or with previous permanent makeup.

    What is the difference between microblading and micropigmentation?

    The difference between one and the other is the duration, the finish and the customer’s need. Microblading is ideal for people who want to fill in and give a fuller look. Micropigmentation is recommended for people with little or no hair and who have previous permanent makeup work.

    Microblading lasts from 6 to 18 months and micropigmentation from 2 to 4 years.

    The Salon

    Is there a difference between Hair Surgery, Keratin and Hair Botox?

    Botox is ideal for filling the strand and reducing frizz while preserving the curl. It has the ability to reduce frizz and repair split ends. It is a treatment for any type of hair. Keratin is more focused on straightening hair up to 90% and can be used in different ways: as a straightening treatment, as a repair treatment and for line washing. Hair surgery, on the other hand, repairs hair damage by progressively smoothing 60%, providing shine and hydrating the hair.

    Does hair surgery damage the curl?

    If it is done permanently it can change the structure of the curl.

    Can I bring my own products to the salon area?

    In our spaces we allow washing and drying products, treatments and nail polishes. For services such as coloring, keratin, Botox, hair surgery, among other specialized services, we use professional brands from our space since in this way we ensure their quality and therefore the guarantee of our services. We also ensure that they do not contain formaldehyde or other substances that are harmful to the health of our collaborators and clients.

    What is the difference between the types of hair surgery that we have available?

    Hair surgery is a treatment that offers the possibility of recovering hair from damage caused by sun exposure, dyes, bleaching and other chemical treatments. However, it is also presented as an alternative to have a more manageable hair and soften the curl or frizz.

    1. It is a process based on fatty acids, amino acids and quinoa protein. It does not contain Formol.
    2. The result is IMMEDIATE. You can wash your head the same day and there are no marks.
    3. Smooths up to 60%. Your result can be up to 3 months.
    4. Hair is more manageable, reducing frizz and the need to use straighteners and hair dryers.
    5. Reduces static or frizz, leaving hair more compact and smooth.
    6. Volume is decreased by almost 70% thanks to deep hydration.
    7. MOISTURIZES deeply leaving an intense shine and supreme softness. Porosity is visibly reduced. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    We have 3 types of hair surgery based on natural products and amino acids:

    -For all hair types.
    -For hair with color technique.
    -Based on apple stem cells, ideal for pregnant women, girls or allergy sufferers.

    Can a hair color technique and hair surgery be done on the same day?

    We recommend performing hair surgery first and, on another visit, the color technique. This is because hair surgery can drag the color and the result would not be the same.

    How much does a color technique cost me?

    There are many factors involved in setting the prices for a color technique and it varies from person to person. Among factors are: The health of the hair, the base color, quantity and length of the hair, if it has had previous coloring or restructuring processes.

    To give a better price estimate and to know that the hair is healthy to perform one of these color techniques, it is recommended that a colorist from our establishment analyze the hair. You can go through any of our branches at no cost.

    How does fork cutting work with the split ender pro machine?

    The Split Ender Pro safely removes dry, damaged, burned, brittle and split ends without affecting hair length. Promotes a healthy-looking, silky shine throughout your hair.

    It is done horizontally, so it does not create voids in the hair. The process includes washing and drying because it is necessary that the hair is free of oil.

    We recommend doing top-of-the-line sealing treatments between sessions. The monthly cut is recommended.

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